Wedding Magician in Wetherby – Beth & Simon’s Big Day

When I met Beth & Simon at The Engine Shed, Wetherby wedding fair this spring, Simon initially said:

Oh, it’s ok you don’t have to show us any magic, we don’t have the budget for that at our wedding.  

To which I replied:

No worries 🙂 you can still see some magic anyway whilst you’re here, you don’t need to hire me! You might as well…

That’s the thing about being a magician – I absolutely love showing people magic!

So I proceeded to bend their signed coin in their hands, make their signed playing card disappear and reappear in the zipped compartment of my wallet and generally blow their minds… just because it was fun and why not?!

After a few minutes, Simon was like: Go on then… How much do you charge? 

Haha! That wasn’t at all my intention, but hey – I guess just being a genuinely passionate and friendly guy who loves blowing people’s minds is a great sales technique.

So, along with the special Wetherby wedding fair discount I was offering, they magically made the budget appear to book me for 1 hour of close up magic during their wedding photographs this July.

Wedding magic in Wetherby at The Engine Shed

Glorious sunshine greeted us all afternoon on the day itself and I arrived early during their ceremony to find 2 of Beth and Simon’s own classic American cars parked outside looking absolutely awesome! (They run their own wedding car hire business:  Cherry Pie Autos but this was a bit different from an ordinary working day for them!)

Stephen Heath Music was setting up outside to play some cracking tunes whilst I’d be working my magic and super creative Shipley based Shutter Go Click Photography was snapping awesome wedding photos all day.

Check out his slideshow of the full day below and a few shots of my magic in action:


• SHUTTER GO CLICK PRESENTS ~ SIMON & BETH'S ENGINE SHED, WETHERBY WEDDING SLIDESHOW •***** HIT THE HD BUTTON & GET YOUR MOTOR RUNNING *****Some of you might have seen the amazing cars in these photos before as they have featured in a few weddings I've shot in the past by the incredible Cherry Pie Autos. Well on Sunday it wasn't a work day for Simon the owner of said vehicular awesomeness. But instead was all about starting the engines, firing at all cylinders & rocking (Ok I've ran out of car metaphors so I'm gonna stop there) the dance floor for his very own wedding day. Simon & the beautiful Beth began their adventure over at The Engine Shed Wetherby A new venue for me but the staff, management & everyone involved absolutely made this day a pleasure to behold.Make up & hair in the morning with Becca Hunton Hair Stylist & Make-Up Artist over at Simon & Beth's beautiful home before heading right into Roudhay park woods for some ethereal Bridemsaiad awesomeness. It then onto the engine shed in style where my guitar buddy extraordinaire Steven Heath Music – Weddings and events played this incredible couple into the ceremony & onwards with his magical tones. Speaking of magic though. Wowza do I love a good magician & Oliver Twist Parker was bringing the close up tricks to make David Blanes all seeing eye cry tears into his pillow.When all was said & done though, all paled in comparison to how frickin awesome these two were as we explored the fading light amidst the venues urban surroundings. Shadows cast on walls of two humans at their most special of days. Back in the Engine Shed music filled the room, colours collided & moves were busted as the incredible gift to the ear holes Lindypop & ever magnificent Leeds City Stompers hit the stage & made more noise than my wife when she gets hungry. YES!Here's to these two & for all that shook Wetherby to its very core. Xx

Gepostet von Shutter Go Click Photography am Dienstag, 18. September 2018

Wedding Magician Wetherby

During my performance in Wetherby at The Engine Shed, I made sure each group had chance to meet the wedding magician and gave them all chance to join in…

I had signed cards switching places in their hands, rocks appearing out of nowhere, people’s sunglasses disappearing and reappearing on my face and plenty more interactive deception that had everybody laughing and totally confused.

All the while making sure I kept out of the way of their official photographs and finally making sure Beth and Simon had chance to take part in some special, personalised magic themselves – something I always make sure I do at every wedding. I can’t leave until the Bride & Groom have had their minds thoroughly blown too!

The groomsmen and Bridesmaids were all raving about me when they were heading back in for their meal and it was job done!

Big thanks to: Beth & Simon, Shutter Go Click Photography for the awesome photos and the lovely staff at The Engine Shed – great venue which I love performing at!

A big thank you again for yesterday, we will recommend you when opportunities arise.

Best wishes

Simon and Beth

If you’d like me to be your wedding magician in Wetherby – just get in touch, I’m always happy to help!