Best times during wedding for a magician?

When would a wedding magician fit in with my special day?

The itinerary of your big day is everything!

Occasionally things don’t go exactly as you had expected so having a wedding magician at hand to entertain between any gaps is a perfect way to ensure that it all goes without a hitch in the eyes of your guests.  It’s best to have your wedding magician finish performing before it gets too late into the night as guests will begin to make their own magic happen with too many drinks and the band or DJ take over and pump the music up to keep the party going.

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Timing is important

It’s best to keep things simple and avoid overlapping too many things at once. Myself or any other experienced wedding magician will be able to discuss your specific requirements and recommend the best times to perform for your day to suit your existing plans.

I understand some people can be huge magic enthusiasts and would happily hire a wedding magician to perform all day long through the afternoon, meal and into the evening. But it’s usually best to keep it to just one of those sections of your day, leaving your guests wanting more and making sure it’s a powerful talking point for the rest of the day.

From my years of professional wedding magician performances, I find the best time for wedding magic is 1 of the following:

Wedding magician during the photographs/drinks reception

Walk around magic is a great idea to enthral guests who are not currently required for the wedding photos and to make them feel involved. Not only that, but it’s also a fantastic way to get them chatting amongst themselves from the beginning of the reception and offer them something fun to talk about for the rest of the day!

Wedding magician after dinner/wedding breakfast meal

Some people think in between the meal courses is a good opportunity for table magic, this is when the magician spends a few minutes at each table of guests entertaining them with mini miracles to break the ice and keep them occupied whilst they are waiting for the next meal course to be served.

But usually guests are starving by this point and just want to get on with their food!

So an even better time is in the lull after the wedding breakfast meal to keep guests awake and excited during the coffees.

Often venues need to kick the guests out of the main room into the bar so they can reset things for the evening reception as well – this a perfect opportunity for some mix and mingle magic to entertain everyone when they’d otherwise be twiddling their thumbs!

Wedding magician during evening reception

When your evening guests are beginning to arrive a wedding magician is a great way to break the ice to give everyone something unusual to chat about and make sure your evening reception starts with a bang! However you’ll want to check they’re done entertaining before the band or DJ crank it up to 11.

Find out more if you want Oliver to be your wedding magician then get in touch to check availability and get a free quote before it’s too late!