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New Magician Business Cards

As discussed recently, I was super excited about my new magician business card design that I had sent off to for printing.

How many packs of cards does a magician have?

At the same time, I happened to be down to my last 4 or 5 new decks of playing cards too, so did another bulk order of 72 packs of Bicycle poker cards made by The United States Playing Card Company and used in casinos worldwide, as you can see in my @funprovider Instagram video above!

One of the Frequently Asked Questions a magician gets is:

How many decks of cards do you get through?

I always use 1 brand new deck at each event I’m performing close up magic at! If you’ve seen me perform, you’re probably wondering what happens to the pack of cards after you’ve signed your name on one and I’ve given you it to keep?

Well… the magic gets slightly easier with each group I perform for at that event – statistically with 1 less card for me to work with I have a higher chance of getting the trick right! 😛 But with getting my audiences involved signing their names or drawing on the cards, which make lovely memorable souvenirs for them to keep, I can’t use that pack of playing cards again at another event.

So these half used packs of cards end up getting recycled to contribute to a cool piece of furniture… my Great Wall of Cards that I’m constructing at my home! And in an effort to balance out all the playing card packs I go through, I thought it would be best to use eco-friendly recycled business card stock to have my new magician business cards printed on.

So I just received 800 of my new rounded corner, eco-friendly recycled card stock business cards delivered and as you can see in the video above, I love them!

Why Eco-friendly Recycled Business Card Stock?

I could have gone with a laminate finish or higher quality card stock with fancy embossing etc. but for me actually being a tiny bit more environmentally friendly is important when I hand out so many business cards and use them in my magic performances with pretty much every group of people I perform for by getting people to write on them, fold them up and have them change places in people’s hands or for their drawings to be used to make coins bend whilst they’re holding them!

So, unfortunately business cards which are too thick or laminated are a no-go for me as a professional magician as permanent ink doesn’t dry on shiny laminated card and the premium thick cards take up too much space and it’s a trick in itself trying to fold and tear them up… but do let me know what you think to my new design in the comments below – nothing is ever absolutely perfect and I’m always happy to learn how I can improve!

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