Close Up Magician

What does a close-up magician actually do?

I specialise in performing close up magic – this is much more personal and intimate than stage illusions where you might suspect trap doors, mirrors or wires are at play.

I love being able to interact and have a laugh as I meet my audience and draw them into become part of the performance…

And the crowd always finds this infectiously fun too!

Close up magician Oliver Parker Leeds magic photo collage

Just like street magicians and mind magicians you might have seen such as Dynamo, David Blaine or Derren Brown on television, I perform close up magic making things disappear, change, switch places and transform at my fingertips using sleight of hand, misdirection and can get inside your head (in an entertaining way) using suggestion and psychology.

It all happens right in front of you and a lot of the magic even takes place in your own hands using playing cards, borrowed money, jewellery and other random objects to ensure that everybody has a great laugh and something completely different to remember!

Memorable entertainment

Imagine the feeling weeks later of your friends talking about the fantastic magician at your private party and pulling out their signed coin which I bent in their hands or their signed playing card and telling someone how it disappeared then reappeared zipped inside my wallet!

My close up magic is full of little souvenirs and mementos for your guests which they will keep and carry on them to show others and talk about how great your party was!

Fun and friendly for all ages

Private Party Magician - House Party in Horsforth, Leeds

Guests and clients often comment on how personable, friendly and down to earth I am with their guests of all ages, from children at weddings, teenagers at Birthday parties, adults at corporate events to grandparents at anniversaries – I love making people happy and strive to ensure everybody of all abilities and ages are included and having a great time at your event!

Close Up Magician Performance Options

Mix and mingle magic

The most flexible option which is best for most events is walk around magic or mix and mingle entertainment – I dont need a table or any setup – I just mingle amongst your guests in small groups at a time, getting them involved in their own amazement. This works well with any number of guests from about 15 people up to thousands.

If you have a particularly large event with more than 200 guests, I can also hire other top complimenting close up magicians to work alongside ensuring everybody gets chance to see some close up magic at your event – just ask!

Close up magic show

If you have a small event where everybody will be in the same room and everybody’s attention can be held at once then a close up magic show is perfect.

I can perform for any duration up to about 45 minutes and will get different audience members involved in during the show for each trick.

Great for small house parties or corporate events and presentations but this is close up magic so best for smaller audience sizes.