Corporate Magician in Leeds, Wetherby

Corporate Event Entertainers

I was back enjoying the view at the beautiful Wood Hall Hotel & Spa this lunch time (as you may know – one of my favourite venues, especially for wedding magic) but today I was hired by Gala Leisure to be there corporate magician!

They were having speeches as I arrived, but afterwards during afternoon tea I was booked to perform table magic to break things up from their business presentations and treat them to something a bit different!

Corporate Magician and Business Event Caricaturist

Corporate Event Entertainers - Magician and Caricature Artist

I also had the pleasure of working the tables alongside John Roberts of Mad-Badger Caricatures – an absolutely fantastic caricature artist who was a real gent and lovely to work with!

Both our forms of table entertainment complimented each other very well – the perfect combination of corporate entertainment Gala Leisure’s business afternoon tea today!

Entertaining the management staff from across the UK was really good fun, and being hired for 2 hours with only a few tables of delegates meant I got to visit each group at least a couple of times to go a bit deeper and really give everyone chance to get involved to ensure they were all thoroughly amazed!

As I was circulating  the tables one way, I could see a great trail of incredible caricature portraits on the tables where John had already struck…

And John commented on how he kept hearing people reacting and applauding to my magic – so I must have been doing something right!

Corporate event entertainer in Wetherby

I love working with caricature artists and as a magician, I have a great appreciation for all art forms and skills that require so much dedication and finesse. I could tell John was a real master.

Unfortunately, he had a long drive back to Cheshire after we finished so I didn’t hassle him to draw me. To be honest, I’ve still got a couple from another caricature artist rolled up at home that I need to find a frame and some wall space for!

If you want to add something extra to break up your business event – hire a corporate magician and/or a caricaturist – your colleagues will love you for it!

Please get in touch to check my availability and discuss your requirements before I’m fully booked…