How to book and pay for a magician?

Oliver's easy booking process:

Hiring Oliver Parker as your magician

  1. Enquire – Check my availability and magician prices by sending your event enquiry details online or call/text message/Whatsapp: +447845694236
  2. Confirm – Once details are agreed – complete my simple online booking form
  3. Pay – after confirmation you receive your invoice by email
    1. The deposit is due within 14 days of confirming your booking
    2. The remaining balance is due on the event day, but can also be paid in advance
  4. Double check – All details are double checked a week or two in advance and on the day I arrive early to meet you and any venue or event staff
  5. Be amazed – I work the room and blow everyone’s minds when you need me to!

Pay by

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit or debit card
  • Cheque in the post
  • Cash in person

All payment details are included on your invoice and by email, including international payment details if required.

Health & Safety

I’m a member of Equity, the performers union, and fully insured up to £10 million for your peace of mind.

Included with my invoices are links to my Public Liability Insurance certificate and Risk Assessment documents. My magic is super safe, nobody has ever even suffered a paper cut from my card tricks, but some venue’s require these documents from all suppliers on their premises – so you can send them the link to download my Health & Safety documents and have nothing to worry about when you hire me as your professional magician!