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International Events Magician – Oliver Parker

When interested in hiring a magician, people often ask me:

“Oliver, we’d love you to be our magician, but we’re based in *their location*, what area do you cover?”

Despite my website address, my response is usually:


Since performing close up magic for speakers at TEDx Salford conference, including Liverpool travel legend Graham Hughes – Guiness World Record Holder for travelling to every single country on Earth WITHOUT FLYING and being inspired to embark upon a month long FroYo (frozen yogurt) tour of Europe with a friend a few years ago, I’ve been bitten by the travel bug and a couple of years ago I made it my mission to escape England at least once every month.

Graham Hughes @EveryCountry is shown a thing or two by magician Oliver Parker @funprovider at #TEDxSalford

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Side note: Graham has actually just started his latest mission TODAY, find out more on his blog…

I’m actually writing this from Deutschland (Germany) right now before I have to catch my flight back to Leeds Bradford International Airport so that I’m back in time and ready to perform at several weddings this weekend!

So, I absolutely love to travel and I have a passion for (very) amateur photography and videography, so I always capture so much footage of my international adventures when I venture off to perform at European parties, international corporate events, or even just my own personal travels abroad from the UK… but I very rarely make the effort to do anything other than archive that beautiful footage on my hard drive when I return home and leave it to never be seen by anyone but myself ever again.

It was definitely time to change my habits and throw a little compilation video together using some of that archived video footage to share with the world…

So, above is a tiny fraction of just some of my international adventures, breakdance performances and close up magic performances over the last few years featuring both paid professional international magician performances and also my own personal travel holidays to destinations including: Reykavik in Iceland, Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand, Zakynthos also known as Zante in Greece, Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo in Brazil, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville in Cambodia, Wales in United Kingdom (fastest zipline in the world!), Barcelona, Alicante and Valencia in Spain, Prague in Czech Republic, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Bali in Indonesia and Kiev in Ukraine!

Whether I’m being paid to perform magic internationally or not, being a magician is the greatest ice breaker for a traveller – because magic is so visual! A lot of close up magic crosses language barriers and can be the perfect tool to engage people I meet regardless of where they’re from, what language they speak or their physical abilities. Coupled with my terribly basic enthusiasm for learning new languages, it makes for an entertaining showcase which everybody can participate in and enjoy at a corporate event with worldwide guests or just to make friends at a bar if I’m on holiday!

As you can probably tell, I can be available to make visual magic happen at your event anywhere in the world – I’ve been trusted to blow people’s minds with magic at events from my Leeds town of Burley to Birmingham, Barcelona and Bangkok!

So where ever you are, get in touch to discuss how I can help add some magic to your next event!