Credit or Cash? Money Magic in Europe

I’m packing my bag again for another adventure back to Germany, (not before a 3 hour wedding magic performance in Malton, North Yorkshire tomorrow!) and I’m always surprised at how technologically advanced Germany is with electric car infrastructure and how good their public transport is etc… yet a lot of places still only take cash payment, or their credit card terminals don’t work!

Vorsprung durch… cash?!

They prefer cash in the 4th largest economy in the world? What the heck?

Come on, a couple of years ago I could pay for my beers on the beach in a small town in São Paulo, Brazil by credit card… but I can’t pay for my groceries in a big city in Germany by MasterCard? Don’t even mention Contactless!

It’s not magic, Germany, get with it! 😛

Really reminds me of being in Valencia, Spain last year for my Birthday, where it’s very similar:

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