POWA Academy Review – Reality Bending & Secrets of Pickpocketing

Learn Magic, Hypnosis, Suggestion and Pickpocketing

For entertainment purposes…

Not theft…

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POWA Live Berlin: Germany May 2020

POWALive – Reality Bending Magic – Bali 2016

Are you interested in learning how to become a magician, hypnotist or theatrical pickpocket?

If you’ve been searching for the secrets to:

  • Learn professional magic
  • Learn stage hypnosis
  • Learn suggestion for magic
  • Learn pickpocketing as entertainment
  • Perform as confidently as a rock star

Then I’d love to share some fantastic resources with you, to strip away all the hocus pocus, rituals and spells to really understand in simplified terms what’s going on!

I personally have used these online video courses to learn and develop my skills further as a full time professional magician and entertainer…

Fusing magic, misdirection, suggestion, hypnosis and pickpocketing to amaze and astound friends, family, clients and break the ice with people who’s language I don’t even speak across the world!

POWA Academy

Since I was a young child I’ve been a massive fan of James Brown… but in more recent years I’ve discovered the teachings of the UK based magician by the same name.

Not the Godfather of Soul, but perhaps the Godfather of Opportunism…

After buying one of his DVD’s and finding it hilarious, incredibly informative and very ballsy, I looked into more of his work and came across his material teaching magic, pickpocketing and talking about confidence.

POWA Academy – The Secrets of Pickpocketing

A couple of my other professional magician colleagues had already taken live pickpocketing workshop courses with magician James Brown, so I signed up for POWA Academy to watch and learn pickpocketing online.

James’ whole approach to breaking down and helping you understand everything you need in simplified terms really resonates with me. I finally found it super easy to grasp and understand all the essentials, when I’d already bought several other books and video courses in previous years and never put it into action.

However, the way in which magician, pickpocket and hypnotist James Brown – the Professional Opportunist presents the information and makes it really easy to understand, giving you all the tools you need to be fearless and understand confidence in simple terms, allows you to start playing around with pickpocketing as entertainment straight away!

FREE Pickpocketing Magic Trick Video Instruction – Easy Steal

Click here to learn this really simple pickpocketing trick that gives you the complete framework of a simple performance around a coin trick – giving you the confidence to start actually DOING pickpocketing straight away!

What about getting caught?!

If you’re like me, you might have already bought some books or other video courses on pickpocketing, maybe even tried it out a little but the fear of getting caught is what’s stopped you from continuing with pickpocketing.

Easy Steal is a super straight forward, in-depth explanation of a coin trick you can use to also pick the pocket of your volunteer and completely surprise them when you hand them back their wallet or phone at the end!

James teaches a fantastic method of using a really easy coin trick to pretty much guarantee you won’t get caught and don’t have any worry getting started in pickpocketing for entertainment purposes, then if you’re interested in learning more after this free trick, you can invest in the full course – POWA Academy – The Secrets of Pickpocketing

Learn Hypnosis and Suggestion

POWA Academy – Reality Bending

After learning so much from The Secrets of Pickpocketing online video course, I was intrigued to learn more from James Brown and took a look at the Reality Bending course on hypnosis and suggestion


Honestly, I think this is information that every human being should be aware of!

Although I’ve discovered that a couple of other people do talk about suggestion and hypnosis in similar ways, I’d never come across such a well explained, tried and tested course teaching what hypnosis actually is and what’s really going on.

Having learned Neuro-Linguistic Programming from a young age and being sold a lot of mumbo jumbo – unnecessary rituals and hocus pocus, it was a breath of fresh air to learn that none of that was needed and it was actually a lot simpler, and thus easier to use in my performances than I had ever imagined!

After watching just a few of the videos I was ready to start mentally gluing people’s hands together, so they couldn’t separate them… just because of my suggestion!

My magic performance value just increased dramatically!

FREE Hypnosis Suggestion Trick Video Tutorial – Stuck

Click here to learn how to stick someone’s foot to the floor purely with suggestion, integrated into a fail-safe simple magic trick so you have absolutely no fear of failure.

Perhaps you’ve seen comedy stage hypnosis shows, or heard about hypnotherapy – maybe you’ve taken part in something like this before and didn’t understand what was going on. Maybe you bought into the misinformation that’s widespread about hypnosis or perhaps you thought it was a load of rubbish!

In the full Reality Bending course James honestly tells you straight up, no nonsense, exactly what’s really going on with classical hypnosis and why none of that mystical induction process is necessary.

It all comes down to 3 simple factors!

And understanding that, allows you to use suggestion in any situation to bend people’s reality.


Next POWA Live Event:

POWA Live Berlin: Germany May 2020

Learning Magic, Suggestion, Hypnosis and Pickpocketing Live with James Brown

As a member of POWA Academy with the courses I’d paid for and been getting tremendous use of, I then received an email about their 1st POWA Live luxury retreat which was going to be held in Bali, Indonesia in December 2016…

For me, the price was not cheap, but James Brown’s ability to teach in a way that I understood made me think it would be worthwhile!

Plus, we would get to stay in a luxury villa in a continent I’d never been to that was top of my list to travel to!

As an avid traveller and adventurer, it didn’t take me much longer than a couple of days to make my decision…

James was quick to answer any questions I had, so I forked out the cash, bought my POWALive ticket and booked my travel…

Then as a bonus surprise for signing up for POWALive in Bali, I gained access to some extra POWA Academy material as well:

Professional Opportunist Wrongless Approach – POWA book

I read the entire thing on the airplane journey to POWA Live in Bali…


Such an easy to understand approach to benefit every area of your life – both personal and business/performance.

This really resonated with me and quantified in words a lot of things I was already doing, but also gave me a greater understanding of things I could improve on.

It’s like the honest self-help book that destroys a lot of other self-help books for their BS!

POWALive Retreat – Bali Review


2 stunning villas in Bali with 2 swimming pools and a whole private building to myself to stay in for the week!

On the journey from the airport I had chance to meet James Brown and some of the other magicians who would be on the course and the knowledge bombs began to be dropped already.

I’d just spent most of my journey reading the POWA book, so my mind on the right wavelength and ready to absorb all of these wonderful gems right from the start – taking any opportunity to ask James and the others questions…

I knew we were in for a fun time, but that was before anything had even officially started! 

Then the course began and the wealth of solid information from both Daniele and James blew my mind.

Their ability to break everything down into terms your grandma would be able to understand and use was just perfect…

and taking some of the lessons about Reality Bending IN the swimming pool in the tropical sun was a nice treat too I guess.

Learning from the course material and EVERYTHING in between

Having James and Danny at your disposal for pretty much the entire duration of the course was fantastic – they were always happy to help, discuss and answer any questions any of us had and I learned so much in between the structured course material just by listening to what they had to say in response to mine and the other guys questions.

As well as covering hypnosis, suggestion, pickpocketing, magic and theory we had constant opportunities to practise what we were learning – both on each other as well as every night time where we were taken out to some really cool fancy bars to try this stuff out on real people and get feedback straight away to improve what we were doing there and then!

The whole week was an absolute BLAST and I made some great friends who all shared so much knowledge with me!

I came back with a heap of golden nuggets that I immediately started putting in my professional magician performances and still use to this day!

The only down side was that Danny got Dengue Fever from a mosquito bite. So previous PowaLive events were a huge success in Florida, Vancouver and Thailand!

If you’ve been wanting to take your magic and performance to the next level, I highly, highly recommend attending a POWALive training course!

Watch the video from Bali and find out more about POWALive…

Next POWALive Event: 

POWA Live Berlin: Germany May 2020

Learn from James Brown, Daniele Sicoraci, Aaron Alexander and Jan Becker!