Yorkshire Wedding Magician in Harrogate & Huddersfield

Lucy & Ben’s big day – Wedding Magician in Harrogate at Ripley Castle

Wow! Yesterday was almost a bit of a disaster…

But fortunately I managed to magic myself out of a sticky situation and ensure everything went smoothly…

I met Ben & Lucy at a wedding fair in Harrogate last spring (Yorkshire Bridal Fair) and had seen them at the milkshake bar they used to own, where I popped in a couple of times and kept their customers entertained. They wanted to hire me but nothing was confirmed or officially booked in for their big day right away. Unfortunately, as it’s first come, first served – another wedding client, who I’d met several times before being the wedding magician on 3 or 4 of their close friends big days, booked me for an hour very early afternoon and secured their booking with a deposit immediately.

I then heard back from Ben who wanted to hire me for the same time… at Ripley Castle… an hour and a half drive away from the other wedding venue I’d just been booked for. Eek!

The plan:

Luckily, I was able to have a friendly rejigging of the schedules with both wedding clients and I managed to organise being able to do 1 hour during the afternoon photographs at Ben & Lucy’s wedding at Ripley Castle in North Yorkshire – then drive as quickly and safely as possible to Durker Roods Hotel in West Yorkshire for Joedi & Ryan’s Wedding and then immediately drive back across Yorkshire to Ripley Castle for the gap in the evening do before Ben & Lucy’s cake cutting, first dance and evening party! :O

The execution:

As soon as I got in my car to set off to Ripley Castle, I pulled my tie out from underneath my seat belt (top tip to to prevent creasing) and to my horror discovered some small splatterings of my breakfast smoothie on both my tie and my shirt!


Being the ninja I am, I ran back inside, chucked my shirt in the wash and pulled out a brand new shirt that I’d just ordered and brand new sealed tie – I bought 4 of the exact same tie for my best friend’s wedding back in June – didn’t realise I was going to need the spare ones until that moment, but I surprise myself sometimes!

Obviously, as a professional wedding magician, I allow plenty of time before setting off just in case there’s bad traffic, I get a puncture, my dog eats my homework or I can’t manage to put food in my face properly and get it all over my shirt and tie, so I still arrived early 🙂

Wedding Magician at Ripley Castle in Harrogate

I greeted the beautiful Bride & Groom and appreciated the patch of sunshine in between the rain before cracking on and baffling them and their guests for a prompt hour.

Then my silent alarm started vibrating on my phone – time to run to the next wedding batman!

The guests wanted to see a bit more magic, so I promised them I’d be back later, waved a temporary bye to Lucy & Ben who were taking some beautiful wedding photos outside the castle and raced (at the speed limit, promise) to Meltham to melt some minds at Joedanna & Ryan’s wedding.

Wedding Magician all over Yorkshire in the same day!

At Durker Roods Hotel there were a lot of guests who I’d met at several previous weddings and a few sceptics too so I loved the challenge and had a great laugh completely baffling all of them!

Obviously I was super grateful for Joedi & Ryan adjusting their booking timings so I could pull off this epic 3 performances at 2 weddings in 1 day manoeuvre so I’d already given them a cheeky little discount for being flexible with me, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

I did a couple of personalised bits of magic for the Bride & Groom, circulated the whole room in the bar in Huddersfield and my silent alarm started vibrating again – hour up – time to go!

But wait – there was a group of girls hiding outside on my way to my car who hadn’t seen any magic yet!

Go on then… 1 last quickie! …magic, I mean.

I had to do a ‘David Blaine’ or ‘Dynamo’ style finish to the trick by just walking off mysteriously as they were still reacting to the magic, so I could set off in time!

Back to Harrogate for more evening wedding magic!

Somehow, I managed to make it back to Ripley Castle and start again a good 30 minutes before I’d estimated I’d be back to Lucy & Ben, so they were delighted and I set to work again making sure those who I hadn’t met earlier in the afternoon had chance to see some magic and then thoroughly baffled some of the other’s who I had met earlier before 1 last personalised bit of magic for the couple whilst one of my favourite renowned wedding photographers – Chris Chambers grabbing some shots of the magic and then I could relax, leave them to cut the wedding cake and kick off the evening party as the band started in the joy that the guests and couples at both weddings gave great feedback, absolutely loved my entertainment and I managed to be at both to schedule, phew!


Please rest assured, this is a one-off and I would never normally risk scheduling performances this tight together, but as I had a friendly relationship with both couples I was able to squeeze both in without problem!

What a day!

Yorkshire wedding magician testimonial

Thanks Oliver, you were absolutely amazing and our guests couldn’t stop talking about you 😄 thankyou for making the day so entertaining and for being so professional and easy to work with! #mindblown x

Bride: Lucy

If you want to hire a Yorkshire wedding magician please get in touch to discuss your big day before I’m fully booked!